September 20-25, 2010

This week, in “Dysphonia,” Mike Vincent really dislikes Bruce Springsteen. Then he gets over it. Read “Who’s The Boss?”

In “The Cinephiles,” Kevin Mattsion examines a distressing omission from an Academy Award-winning director’s filmography in “Why Paul Thomas Anderson should make a musical (and how he kind of already has)” and Adam Simmons lists movies that their directors would prefer to forget in “The unreleasables”

In “Diary of a Casual Gamer,” Gavin Craig rolls his sweetness up into one ball, calls it a katamari, and turns it into a star. (There’s also dancing pandas, and a guy who sounds a bit like Tom Jones.) Read “Simply Katamari”

In “Rounding Third,” Angela Vasquez-Giroux takes a brief look at the long history of cheating in baseball, and tells Derek Jeter that he’s no Babe Ruth. Read “In which Derek Jeter should wipe that self-satisfied grin off his face”

In “The F Word,” Jill Kolongowski takes a bite out of Restaurant Week, and finds that Restaurant Week bites back. Read “Restaurant Week 2010, or, The week-long food coma (part 1)”

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