October 4-9, 2010

This week, in “Dysphonia,” Mike Vincent admits that The Rolling Stones have always been greedy, but they’ve finally pushed it one step too far. Read “The final rip-off”

It’s a triple feature in “The Cinephiles.” In “The witching hour (and 38 minutes)” Adam Simmons insists that Halloween III: Season of the Witch is better than you remember, in “The horror years” Kevin Mattison revisits a childhood spent watching the Saturday afternoon Thriller Double Feature in the 80s, and it’s all topped off by a review of The House of the Devil

In “Diary of a Casual Gamer,” Gavin Craig shares “Two quick thoughts” on backwards compatibility and his first impressions of the lonely, lonely world of BioShock.

In “Flipside,” Rosemary Van Deuren reads John Waters’ memoir Role Models, in which the man who has said everything unspeakable finally talks a little about himself. Read “The passions of John Waters”

In “Rounding Third,” Angela Vasquez-Giroux bids a fond farewell to players whose contracts are not likely to be renewed, thinks of the good times, and handicaps the playoffs. Read “Happy trails”

In “The F Word,” Jill Kolongowski goes camping, and reconsiders her packing strategy. Read “Pretending to know how to grill, or, Jill goes camping”

And a new comic by Zac Gorman

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