October 18-23, 2010

Today, in “Dysphonia,” Mike Vincent uses Elvis Costello to demonstrate why anyone buys records ever (almost). Read “Girls talk”

In “The Cinephiles,” Adam Simmons watches remakes: films so nice, they made them twice. Or not. Horror month continues in “Death, taxes, & remakes”

In “Flipside,” Rosemary Van Deuren demonstrates why you need to read Kate Beaton’s Hark, A Vagrant. Religiously. Read “Kate Beaton is smarter than all of us”

In “Rounding Third,” Angela Vasquez-Giroux puts out a call for a svengali to shape her into a force at third, Brandon Inge in a skirt. Read “The hot corner”

In “The F Word,” wicked good cook Jill Kolongowski makes tortilla soup, and tell you what the knife should really look like when you’re testing whether a batch of freshly-baked muffins are done. Read “Tying the apron strings”

And a new comic by Zac Gorman

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