November 1-6, 2010

It’s Lady Gaga Week at The Idler!

Today, Mike Vincent tries to figure out whether the Lady works better in video than on the radio. Read “Thoughts on Gaga”

In “PopHeart,” Ana Holguin returns from a Lady Gaga show and tries to sort out the “little monsters” whose hearts Gaga has devoured. Read “The good, the bad, and the Gaga”

In “Flipside,” Rosemary Van Deuren posits Lady Gaga as the love child of Wendy O. Williams and the Spice Girls, even though sui generis has totally been done before. Read “Hagen, Galas, Gaga: The evolution of the post-punk chanteuse”

In “The F Word,” Jill Kolongowski uses Lady Gaga and The Rocky Horror Picture Show to offer a way to love our bodies, good and bad. Read “I want your ugly”

In “The Cinephiles,” Adam Simmons tells you about the best crime film you’ve never seen, Jean-Pierre Melville’s Le Circle Rouge. Read “Seeing red”

Former Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds manager Sparky Anderson passed away yesterday. Angela Vasquez-Giroux and Tim Carmody remember him.

In “Rounding Third,” Angela Vasquez-Giroux shares the blood, sweat, and beers of her first week of “Project 3B”

And a new comic from Zac Gorman

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