Essential indie games

A short list of games that are part of my canon (this is a nice way of saying that if you haven’t played these, you can’t be my friend).

1. Passage

It’s a game about life. Further description, if you haven’t played it, will spoil this 20 minute game. So, after playing it (and only after!), you can go read the creator’s statement. You really ought to play this, if you haven’t, this one made me cry.*

The game is free for all Mac and PC.

2. Canabalt

A one button platformer with a premise as simple as the controls: run for your life. This game shows sophistication is often just that.

You can play the game on the web for free.

3. Minecraft

If you are a gamer and haven’t heard of Minecraft, then you are hiding under a rock. For the unenlightened, however, it could be called a sandbox survival game. There is no narrative or defined goal, however, you just mine, build structures, craft items, and hide from monsters at night. Think digital Legos which, as we all know, is analog crack.

Buying the Alpha pre-release is about fifteen bucks (€9.95), but you can play it in browser for free.

4. ASCIIpOrtal

An absurdly delicious modern ASCII game based on Valve’s Portal mechanics. It’s worth an hour or so of your time if you crave the retro aesthetics of Nethack.

It’s free, but only available for Linux or Windows.

*Bonus Game by the same author, same rules for his statement apply.

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