December 6-11, 2010

It’s brilliant, it’s joyful, and it may have arrived in a spaceship. It’s A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector, and Mike Vincent tells you all about it in “Wall of Christmas”

Comic book superheroes can make for great summer blockbusters, but superhero films can also go so, so wrong. To help keep you on track, read Gavin Craig’s “Four rules for a successful superhero film”

Gavin Craig talks to Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter author Tom Bissell about Bissell’s ten favorite video games of 2010. Read “The Bissell 2010 top ten”

In “Flipside,” Rosemary Van Deuren writes about the best actor you know by face but not by name, John Cazale. Read “The strong weak man”

In “Rounding Third,” Angela Vasquez-Giroux backs up Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski in his snubbing of now-overpaid, not-ready-for-the-American-League former Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth. Read “For what it’s Werth”

In “The F Word,” Jill Kolongowski tests her patience with some slow-cooker chili. Read “Three-hundred tomato chili”

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