December 20-25, 2010

What album is Mike Vincent’s “#1 Christmas music”? Well, you’re going to have to read to find out.

You thought Bob Clark’s holiday classic A Christmas Story was a bit dark? You should see his other Christmas film. Kevin Mattison takes you there in “A Bob Clark Christmas”

In a new feature, “The Gamers’ Club,” Gavin Craig, Daniel J. Hogan, and Andrew Simone will be playing 1997’s Final Fantasy VII and blogging about it. They get started today sharing their past experiences with the game (or lack thereof). Read Final Fantasy VII, again for the first time” by Gavin Craig, Final Fantasy VII, revisted” by Daniel J. Hogan, and FFVII by Andrew Simone

For your holiday viewing pleasure, might Rosemary Van Deuren suggest the 1960 “Christmas Shopping” episode of The Jack Benny Program, featuring notes of Eddie Anderson and Frank Nelson, hints of retail humor, and a strong Mel Blanc finish. (Yes, that Mel Blanc.) Read “The customer is always right, and this jerk is a customer”

Angela Vasquez-Giroux revisits the 2006 World Series (and the 1984 World Series) in verse. Read “Cardinal Dreams”

Jill Kolongowski gives the slow-cooker another go, and happily fails to cut off her fingertip while doing so. Read “Sergeant pepper and my questionable knife skills”

And in an “F Word” holiday extra, Jill Kolongowski discovers that her kryptonite is Godiva milk chocolate. Read “On (not) eating chocolate”

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