What was the best (or worst) catch phrase from 2010?

Ana Holguin: In my house, this year’s Best Catch Phrase/New Word Award goes to “dubs.” Months ago my husband Matt was playing The Settlers of Cataan and our friend Adam announced that he had “dubs sheep.” I was painting in the next room as I am completely uninterested in most games of strategy or storytelling (I only like word games) but my ears perked up when I heard “dubs.” “Dubs” was immediately added to my lexicon. So, now if both of my dachshunds are sitting on me I might report “I have dubs dogs.” 2 pencils? Dubs pencils.

Dubs cheeseburgers please!

Dubs shows on the DVR.


Jill Kolongowski: I really love the “What does this mean??” meme from the Double Rainbow video. And as much as I hate to admit it, I’m sort of tired of hearing that things are “epic.”

Rosemary Van Deuren: It’s adorable as an adjective, but I fear over-zealous usage of the word “epic” has made it lose some of its epic-ness.

Kevin Mattison: The best/worse/best again catch phrase of the year has to be “dat’s bold.” As in, “Did you just tell me to shut up? Dat’s bold!” Or, as overheard after the credits began rolling on the latest Harry Potter film (which is only part one of two, lady, so relax).

Mike Vincent: “Refusing to apologize for the things we enjoy.” Goddamn right!

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