January 10-15, 2011

Mike Vincent continues his list of favorite albums of 2010 with a disc that isn’t even music. That’s right. Find out what it is in “On my way”

Kevin Mattison won’t tell you exactly what happened at the New York Critics Circle awards dinner on Monday night (after all, he wasn’t there), but he’ll tell you why the evening’s host, New York Press film critic Armond White, was in the wrong. Read “The debacle at the New York Critics Circle awards dinner, or, What do I know about anything? (The redux)”

The Gamers’ Club is playing Final Fantasy VII. Read “Back to the map” by Gavin Craig, “Adventures in cross-dressing” by Daniel J. Hogan, and “Breadth and depth” by Andrew Simone

In a winter funk? Stuck at home during a long snowy night with nothing to do? Rosemary Van Deuren has your back with Flipside’s “Top ten funny YouTube links for insomniacs”

Angela Vasquez-Giroux offers fair warning: This week’s “Project 3B” involves graphic depiction of numerous sports injuries. And John Cougar Mellencamp lyrics. Read “Make it hurt so good”

Jill Kolongowski had always assumed that Gouda cheese was good for cooking. Read as she talks herself into a block and has to find out in “Gouda-stuffed chicken, in spite of myself”

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