January 17-22, 2011

Mike Vincent continues his list of favorite albums of 2010 with a group that found its way back into his good graces. Read “Chemical dependence”

You probably watched the Golden Globes, but Kevin Mattison isn’t sure why you bothered. He makes his case for skipping the whole thing next year in “The red-headed stepchild”

New columnist Kate Sloan’s “Drawn & Paneled” will cover comics and graphic novels for The Idler, and she gets started today with her unrequited soul mate, Alison Bechdel. Read “Watching out for Alison Bechdel”

The Gamers’ Club is playing Final Fantasy VII. Read “Endings are different all over” by Gavin Craig, “Who’s the villain?” by Daniel J. Hogan, and “The scene is set” by Andrew Simone

Who was that hyper-aware, social misfit comedian you used to like who had a gift for imitating just about anyone? Maria Bamford is better. Ana Holguin proves it in “Maria Bamford: in-house comic”

Since visualization is a key part of any training regimen, Angela Vasquez-Giroux offers some “Springtime daydreams” for Project 3B.

In “The F Word,” Jill Kolongowski makes cinnamon rolls from scratch (goes for a run, and slips into a butter-and-sugar coma). Read “Killer yeast”

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