The great Oscar race begins

I am now embarking on a foolhardy quest to see each of the Best Picture Oscar nominees before February 27th. I do this to myself every year. It is a daunting task for a busy fellow such as me, as I find myself only four films deep into the ten film category. Ten films! Who approved such a thing? Anyone who knows anything knows that the larger the scale the less meaning a category has. But, I digress.

The Best Actor, Actress and Supporting nominee’s films are on my list as well, which brings my month’s total to ten. And why not throw in the Best Animated features as well? No reason I can think of. Thirteen it is.

In the three weeks leading up to the Oscars, I plan to review each film and state its case, culminating in my personal pick for Best Film and my prediction for the actual winner (the twain almost never meet). Given the fact that next week will be Batman week here at The Idler, I’ve only got about three posts to crank this puppy out. Thirteen films, one month and approximately three posts. I know. I’m kind of a hero.

But alas, I must leave you wanting until the second week of February. And so, like a sitcom that’s run short of ideas, I’ll leave you with cute children reenacting a few of the Best Picture noms to compensate for my lack of content this week.

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  1. Kevin Mattison says:

    Kid versions of “Black Swan” and “The Fighter” can be found here, as well:

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