January 24-29, 2011

Mike Vincent closes out his list of his favorite albums of 2010 with an album that might not be an actual album, but marks the return of a master. Read “Getting back in the mix”

Ten films, three weeks, and that’s just the Best Picture category. Kevin Mattison’s “Great Oscar race begins”

Kate Sloan loved Scott Pilgrim even though Scott Pilgrim wasn’t terribly likeable. Confused? Get a clue in “My clash at demonhead”

Andrew Simone returns to one of his essential indie games to explain why the genius of “Minecraft” is that it’s about play involving creation and collaboration instead of destruction and competition.

The Gamers’ Club is playing Final Fantasy VII. Read “Guided strategy” by Gavin Craig, “Swap meet” by Daniel J. Hogan, and “Junon Harbor” by Andrew Simone.

Rosemary Van Deuren says that it’s easy to get a biographical film wrong, usually by focusing too much on the filmmaker’s own personal take on the subject. But when the filmmakers focus on the life, context, and experience of the subject, like in Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s Howl, the result can be amazing. Read “Howling for authentic biographical cinema: Why the new Ginsberg film succeeds”

In “Rounding Third,” read Angela Vasquez-Giroux’s “Wild Thing, or, Poem For Matt Anderson, Attempting a Comeback”

Eating healthy is really important to Jill Kolongowski, it’s just a matter of pulling something together before sheer, unbridled hunger takes over her brain. Read “Virtue in a hurry”

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