February 14-19, 2011

Sometimes timing isn’t everything. Sleater-Kinney broke up in 2006, but Mike Vincent is just learning to love them. Read about it in “Late to the table”

Who has time to watch the Oscar nominees? Kevin Mattison, that’s who, and he’s hooking you up with the Cliffs Notes. He continues this week with “Most girls like to play pretties, but you like guns do you?” (True Grit) and “Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” (The Fighter)

The Gamers’ Club is playing Final Fantasy VII. Read “Jumping off the rails” by Gavin Craig, “Enemy mine” by Daniel J. Hogan, and “Cid” by Andrew Simone

Kate Sloan had never been a fan of the police procedural. Then she realized that the problem was just that she had never read Sam and Twitch. Read “Watching the detectives”

It’s that time again. The sun is in the sky, the birds are singing, and a woman’s heart turns to thoughts of baseball. Read Angela Vasquez-Giroux’s “Love Letter Postmarked Michigan and Trumball”

Drunk on love? Or just sick and tired of people who are? Either way, nurse your post-Valentine’s Day hangover with the hair of the dog. Or the giraffe, as it were, with Lindsey Malta’s list of “The five least romantic animal mating rituals”

In “The F Word,” Jill Kolongowski tries to reconcile her high-powered urbanite self-image with the budgetary and nutritional realities that demand she brown-bag her lunch. Read “On being lame: bringing lunch to work”

And the Idler’s writers let you in on their Valentine’s Day plans, romantic and otherwise in “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”

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