February 28-March 5, 2011

To his own amazement, as Mike Vincent reaches down through the layers of his iPod playlist, he finds himself rediscovering the guitar solo. Read “Solo”

New columnist Teal Amthor-Shaffer likes a good drink, but is deeply, deeply tired of social drinking. Part of it is the increased wear-and-tear, but part of it is learning how to be confortable enough alone to be comfortable around others. Read “Drinking & lifing”

Rutu Modan is awesome. Her first full-length graphic novel Exit Wounds is just really good. (There’s other stuff you should check out too.) Read Kate Sloan’s “Everyday grotesque”

The Gamers’ Club is playing Final Fantasy VII. Read “Parting is such sweet sorrow” by Gavin Craig, “Disc two” by Daniel J. Hogan, and “Golden chocobo” by Andrew Simone

Rosemary Van Deuren says that you don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy Jesus Christ Superstar (which is a good thing, because she’s not), which delivers a Jesus without an agenda, and a lot of hot disciples. Read “Non-Catholic Catholicism: Jesus Christ Superstar

Taking inspiration from Amy Adams, or Julie Powell, or whomever, Angela Vasquez-Giroux thinks about (productive) ways to emulate her baseball idol, Miguel Cabrera, and offers an item or two of advice. Read “Miguel & Miguel-ela?”

Jill Kolongowski doesn’t always make the healthiest decisions in her eating choices, but with a little help from Alton Brown, she’s trying. Read “Dessert vs. veggies: the battle for sexy”

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