FFVII: the end is nigh

There is no greater boon for gaming than two days of moderate sickness.

As I am sure you recall, the last week or two I’ve been avoiding the game out of my contempt for battle arena and chocobo grinding. This weekend, however, I took stock of the situation and decided that pushing forward to disk 3, skipping the chocobo breeding and the battle arena, would yield rewards that would help me achieve all the goodies I desired more efficiently. (That’s the official story anyway, but I suspect Daniel and Gavin understand I didn’t want them to progress further than me.)

The strategy for the battle arena is exceedingly unsophisticated once you hit disk 3: mastered HP Plus, Mega All, ultimate weapon, Mystile Armor, Enemy Skill, and hold down ‘O’. Restore is almost totally unnecessary since White Wind can serve in a pinch (e.g., when armor is broken). Counter Attack and Added Effect plus Contain are useful, but generally the monster die too quickly. And Shield is perfect ace in the hole for that eighth battle. The only real difficulty involves a first round accessory break.

So, battle arena is done, I just need to get my Golden Chocobo. This means next week will be this little fella, so I can skip the breeding process entirely.

The Ruby Weapon is probably the hardest fight in the game. The strategy guides all give advice much like this:

Kill off two of your characters prior to the battle
Give the remaining character a Mystile armor
Pair Knights of the Round material (preferably with 2 stars) with HP absorb
Pair Command Counter material (mastered) with Mime
Pair Master Summon with MP Turbo (optional)
Equip the W-Summon materia (optional)
Have around 7000-8000 HP

All I have, at the moment, is the Mystile armor and the WP-Summon, so it’s going to be more than a little tricky.

Where you at?

Disc: 3

Cloud’s Level: 66

Location: The Northern Crater (I can beat the game at any time.)

Timer: 18:33

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2 Responses to “FFVII: the end is nigh”
  1. Daniel says:

    I’m gonna try and go this route and not breed a chocobo this time around.

    You can end the game at any time at just under 19 hours and I’m sitting at around 62 hours and I’m not even done with Disc 2 yet. Oy.

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