FFVII: Game over

Game over

I can’t do it. I just can’t beat Ruby Weapon without the Knights of the Round. I mean I know it’s possible (I’ve done it before), but the amount of work required is absurd. A finesse win with low level materia is just not in the cards for Andrew. The few alternatives I am aware of just take too much time. The fellow below, for instance, uses eight mastered Counter Attacks and a handful of Hero Potions.

You’ll notice he also uses Mime which you need the Golden Chocobo to get, but it clearly isn’t required and it would take much longer. There is also the fan favorite, Chocobuckle:

Chocobuckle is an Enemy Skill in Final Fantasy VII, which deals non-elemental damage to a single target. It has a great damage potential, as the damage is calculated by the number of battles the party has escaped from, meaning it could potentially deal 9,999 damage for the relative small cost of 3 MP. However, it would take a long time to power up the spell to this level. In the game’s Japanese version, the damage was based on the number of battles the party has run away from multiplied by the user’s level.

But I am not going to random 9,999 encounters just to level that up, not when I am trying to short cut my way to a Golden Chocobo. The last method I found was maxing out your characters’ stats:

This trick involves Yuffie and the Conformer weapon (which can be found in the Gelnika). Have Yuffie use Morph with the Conformer equipped, best paired with Slash-All or Mega-All. The special damage formula of the Conformer will allow Yuffie to deal spectacular damage even with Morph, and with the above Materia combo, you can Morph several enemies at a time. Use this and Morph the enemies in the Gelnika to get every kind of Source item (the items that can increase your stats).

Again, that’s cool but totally inefficient for my purposes. I think I am going to call it quits and shoot for completion next week. I know Sephiroth doesn’t require KotR. I figure I can always come back later and do the extra stuff.

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One Response to “FFVII: Game over”
  1. Daniel says:

    I can beat the game at any point right now, and my main party folks (Cloud/Cid/Yuffie) are all at level 70 or higher.

    I did spend some time in the Gelnika, building up my Luck and Dexterity stats. But, I never thought to combine Morph with Slash-All (which I just got this morning from the Ancient Forest).

    I want to try and take out Ruby without KoTR as well, but I may just go beat the game and come back for the extra stuff. I really don’t want to spend time trying to raise a Golden Chocobo.

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