Darwin Carmichael is karmically fkd, you guys

Are you worried you’re karmically fkd? Have you accidentally ruined a deity’s life? The time to repent is nigh. Probably your eternal damnation is not as much of a lock as this guy.

Darwin Carmichael is karmically fkd, you guys. This should come as no surprise seeing as how his damnation is broadcast all over the internet. “Every day is a fresh hell, but it’s a chance at redemption.”

The year is sometime around now, though loosely bound to such minor human constraints as time and space. The location: Brooklyn, home of hipsters, stoner angels, minor gods, and only the BEST mythical creatures.


Darwin, Ella, and a unicorn

Enter Darwin Carmichael, average guy with a huge karmic deficit. Hip but NOT a hipster. Headed straight to hell in a handbasket. After Darwin accidentally ruins the Dali Lama for life, he must begin his never-ending uphill battle to restore his karma. His best friend, Ella Fitzgerald, the karmically blessed, delivers Darwin’s weekly reckoning and serves as his goodness sponsor.

The stand-out star of this comic is Skittles, the old-as-time manticore. His interests include the Jonas Brothers, lava lamps, being a bike pirate, and birthday cake. Skittles is Darwin’s pet, the awesome to his chronic, though endearing, lame. His domain is a dinosaur bed sheet tent in the living room. It is the exact fort you dreamed of at age six. His dislikes include being “accidentally” locked in the closet, waiting on Jesus, and the works of Oscar Wilde.


Darwin and Skittles

The other all-around winner is Pat, Darwin’s minotaur landlord. I’m not sure why I love Pat, who is dirty, hairy, and sort of a misogynist, but migod is he great. I like that he reminds me of Zach Galifianakis, can fix a mean sink, and has a thing for mermaids. I mean we all were a little smitten with Ariel, amirite?

Ella, blessed by divine karmic inheritance, is also fabulous. She’s the original bike pirate and a friend of Ellen. Sometimes, she’s upset with Darwin for no real reason. Always, she’s adorable.

Darwin’s roommate, Matt, is a hipster artist. ENOUGH SAID. His muse, like real-deal muse of yore Melete, has the potential to be one of the most interesting characters in the history of ever. She longs to create something original, though it is her destiny to only inspire others. Girl, I feel your pain.


She's no mythical creature, but she's mine.

The comic follows Darwin’s meandering path out of damnation as he tries to recoup karma points. This coupled with the daily awesomeness of Skittles makes for a really enjoyable comic. Like candy for the nerdy soul. Different enough from life to steer clear of the mundane, while still being life-like enough to connect to. It’s a deliciously skewed reflection of city living. Minor demons are always holding. Stoned angels desire, nay demand, Reese’s Pieces, the most heavenly of confections. Hipster deities work at cafes. Mythical creatures are the pets we all wish we knew, or in my case actually live with. We all know dudes like Pat, the minotaur. And with my ceiling solidly in its fourth month of leaking steadily, could do worse than have him for a landlord, even if he does drink your beer.

DCiGTH is written and drawn by Jenn Jordon (@manticorelove) and Sophie Goldstein (@redinkradio). Sophie is a freelance artist based in the Bronx. This fall she’ll be venturing to the mean streets of Vermont to attend the Center for Cartoon Studies, not that she needs the practice. Jenn is a doctoral student who lives happily in the magical city of New York with her kittens. Jenn is responsible for the awesome crayon drawings straight from the heart and mind of Skittles, who in his heart of hearts is a thirteen-year-old girl.

Make sure to let your mouse hover over the panels for an extra second or two for more text. The comic updates Tuesdays and Thursdays. Regular visits will totally improve your karma, while also reminding you that you will never lead a full and happy life unless you know Skittles personally.

4 Responses to “Darwin Carmichael is karmically fkd, you guys”
  1. Jenn says:

    Thank you for the awesome review! =)

  2. Gavin Craig says:

    Hold the phone, Skittles belonged to Batman? I love him even more. http://dcisgoingtohell.com/098-skittles-owners-joan-of-arc/

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