PopHeart spring wishlist

1. Actual Spring-like conditions. Come on, Michigan. Rupert and I aren’t going anywhere if we have to continue wearing winter coats.
2. A frugal, fun, flirty and floral dress. Adorbs! Only $17.99 at www.target.com
3. Swedish Hasbeens. Clunky, chunky 70’s chic with a clickety clack soundtrack. They run upwards of $200, but H&M will have more affordable versions (under $100) in the spring collection.
4. With all the birdies and sunshine, it seems a little odd to keep ringing one’s eyeballs with Taylor Momsen shades of black. Urban Decay makes a lovely natural palette that’s sure to be a go-to well into summer and fall. . . if it lasts. Naked palette, $48 www.sephora.com
5. Never underestimate the pull-you-together power of clean trench. Again, I’m working with Michigan spring, so, yeah. Kenneth Cole New York, $117 www.bluefly.com
6. Fancy new duds for my favorite dog pals. Everyone likes to look pretty. Tons of designs at www.K9closet.com
7. A sweet and cheeky pocket mirror to check out my lip gloss. Helena Garcia design, $7 from www.myfavoritemirror.com
8. A pastel-packed bracelet. If the mitten-shaped state will not give me natural spring hues, I shall provide them myself on my wrist. Bella’s Garden vintage fire opal bracelet, $24.99 at www.etsy.com
3 Responses to “PopHeart spring wishlist”
  1. Lindsey says:

    I agree with Rupert. Every time I put on my winter coat that is exactly what I want to do.

  2. Jill Kolongowski says:

    I love the spring dress–Target is the BEST. I always find my bathing suits there. I can’t wait for warmer weather because then I can wear my black and white polka dot trench :)

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