What you should be reading

Or, more accurately, some things I’ve been reading. Did I miss something? Leave me a link in the comments.

Five of the 13 most overrated players in baseball are Yankees/Red Sox. Try telling that to the gushers over at ESPN (i.e., every one there aside from this author).

Is Cliff Lee back on Earth with the rest of us mere mortals? This guy Ted seems to think so.

There’s more to the bat than meets the eye. (A nice infographic there) And Albert Pujols visiting the bat factory.

Manny being Manny means someone’s got to defend his legacy, tainted tho’ it may be.

There’s a lot to be said about Tim Lincecum’s unorthodox delivery, but the truth is, his mechanics are solid. He’s got the fundamentals mastered, and tweaked to fit his size. Watch the video and be amazed.

Why doesn’t Miguel Cabrera have a nickname that fits his epic greatness? And Willie Mays’ teammates had some of the best nicknames known to baseball.

Joel Zumaya. Sigh. Just sigh.

Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis takes paternity leave, gets shit from douchbags. Film at 11.

Your word of the day: Francoeuraganda.

Joe Mauer’s injuries: deal or not a big deal?

There’s a birther in Baltimore, and his name is Luke Scott.

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