April 25-29, 2011

What do Mike Vincent’s son and Duke Ellington have in common? To celebrate Jack Vincent’s birthday, read about how his father discovered Duke Ellington and how music can shape our memories in Jack and Duke.

It’s not easy to stumble across entertaining webcomics when you really need them in those dark, dull hours between 11 and 4 at night and 9 to 5 during the day, so Kate Sloan is going to help you out. Read “Webcomic roundup, part I”

LEGO Harry Potter joins the rotation this week for The Casual Gamer, but he has a thing or two to say about Uncharted and Kirby’s Epic Yarn, as well, especially in light of the rumors about Nintendo new console and it’s maybe-a-little-too-much controller. Read “Kirby and the failed motion control experiment”

Baseball season is just getting into swing, but already everyone is talking. Angela Vasquez-Giroux catches you up in “What you should be reading”

Jill Kolongowski hates vegetables, but she can’t figure out whether it’s more rude to ask people not to cook without certain vegetables (we’re looking at you, onions), or to leave them uneaten on the plate. So she’s starting “The Vegetable Challenge” where each week she’ll choose a new vegetable and try to make it palatable. Read “Challenge accepted: vegetables”

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