The home of the strange

I know that being an adult and missing home is unspeakably lame. Which is why I’m writing about it. If we’re being honest, and I hope that by now we are, lately I’ve been as homesick as a tween at straight camp. It’s a strange experience, feeling transplanted. The midwest is terribly different from east … Continue reading

In color

I’ve been playing two games recently. 1. The first of the two is Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Wii. I’ve been enjoying it a great deal. It’s visually imaginative. Each of the levels (at least so far) does a good job of asking you to master a slightly different skill in order to reach the … Continue reading

Love American style: a TV story

Teacher, mother, secret lover! —Homer Simpson singing the praises of television We could read the clip above from ABC’s LOST, as fan/youtube-commentor “too0tricky” suggests, merely “an interesting foreshadow” concerning life and death and the ways that absence and presence take shape throughout the show’s arc. Likewise, we could file this moment away with many other … Continue reading

The perfect pleasure of Rod Allen

Texieria is a good defensive third basemen. He has won a gold glove. . . mainly because of his offense. —Rod Allen, Tigers color commentator You know how I feel about sub-par broadcasters like Joe Buck. But perhaps my harsh review of Buck’s lack-of-excitement cliché-ridden brand of sport-calling is partly due to having had a … Continue reading

Liquid indulgence: a personal history of drinking

My birthday weekend started out so tame. A turkey dinner and a cake with candles with my family, and lots of cooking-related gifts, including this. Went home full, loved. The next day, my cube at work was filled with gifts, flowers, a balloon, and cupcakes. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy. One of my … Continue reading

April 11-15, 2011

Even when Kevin Mattison was a child, he was in the movies. Or at least his action figures were. With disturbing results. (He watched disturbing movies.) Read “I played in three act structure”

Mike Vincent loves record stores, but he doesn’t love Record Store Day. You read that right. Read “Record Store Day”

Why does an explicit sex scene merit an NC17 rating while a rape scene only an R rating? What do these ratings tell us about our culture’s fears and sensitivities? Kate Sloan discusses these issues through the film Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl‘s attempts to demystify the MPAA ratings in MPAA: The standard on double standards.

Rosemary Van Deuren tends to find that hot guys are d-bags, but Russell Brand somehow seems to pull it off. Rosemary tries to figure it out (and shares some sexy Russell Brand pics) in “Pee-pee envy: The hot and heartbreaking sexual appeal of Russell Brand”

The Tigers are off to another slow start, 3-7, and rock bottom in the AL Central. Angela Vasquez-Giroux thinks that they’re a better team than that, and she’s “HAD IT UP TO HERE”

Jill Kolongowski uses her birthday as an occasion to count her blessings, and to remind herself and her friends that feeding yourself is better than not feeding yourself. Read “Birthday cake wishes”

I played in three act structure

I have always had a problem with timelines. The events of my life, particularly my early years, ebb and flow. There are places, people and moments that remain very vivid to me, but placing it in time is another matter. It is because of this that I cannot pinpoint how old I was when I … Continue reading

Record Store Day

Fuck Record Store Day. Yeah, I said it. Tomorrow is Record Store Day, one of the phoniest events since Sweetest Day. The “event” was created in 2007 as a “celebration of the unique culture surrounding over 700 independently owned record stores in the USA.” The concept and the idea behind this event really make me … Continue reading

MPAA: The standard on double standards

I think my Idler editor might have my number. He has somehow tapped into my love for getting really worked up about issues, researching them, and then raging against them on the Internet. I believe this is a flaw I am to be loved for and not merely in spite of. So as to not … Continue reading

Pee-pee envy: The hot and heartbreaking sexual appeal of Russell Brand

I am a bit late to the Russell Brand boat, I think. My brushes with current pop culture are piecemeal and oddball, and mainstream stuff tends to pass me by. Although Russell Brand is only recently mainstream, I think. At least in America.   I first saw Brand in what I believe were the commercials … Continue reading