It started when Joel Zumaya faced another setback. Which would seem to be just a very Zumaya-esque form of horrible, gut-wrenchingly unfair luck for a kid who just seems so deserving of success—until I remembered reading this wonderful Sports Illustrated piece about Zoom Zoom’s mechanics. What? What? You mean to tell me that in the … Continue reading

Birthday cake wishes

My mom is coming to Boston to celebrate my birthday. The other day, she texted me to ask what my favorite meal was. I don’t care how old you are, there is nothing like having your mother cook for you to redeem your faith in the world. But her question made me realize that I … Continue reading

April 4-9, 2011

Primal Scream’s Screamadelica has just received a 25th anniversary rerelease, and Mike Vincent discovers the mix-tape-killingest song ever in “My light shines on”

Kevin Mattison reviews 44 Inch Chest, a British gangster film replete with enough curse words to satisfy even the most jaded ex-lover. In the film, Colin is our jilted Romeo, kidnapping and confronting his ex-girlfriend’s new fling and grappling with his own role in the relationship’s demise. Read “With friends like these. . .”

Like a dream, Anders Nilsen’s Dogs & Water is borderless, fluid, disturbing, and perfectly normal. Kate Sloan takes you there in “Make the road by walking”

The calendar says it’s spring, but the weather seems to be a bit behind. Ana Holguin tries to get in the right frame of mind with some warmer-weather shopping. After all, it’s always nice and toasty online. Read the “PopHeart spring wishlist”

You’ve heard it, you can’t unhear it. It’s Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” and Lindsey Malta pulls it apart in “Apologizing for the thing I can’t stand “

Angela Vasquez-Giroux live-tweeted the Tigers’ second game of the season in New York. Which, sadly, was carried on Fox with the painfully inept Joe Buck behind the mic. Read all about it in “A night without #winning” on Storify

Eating out alone isn’t the end of the world, but it sure can feel that way. Jill Kolongowski takes on the challenge and comes out not quite the same on the other side. Read “Vice”

My light shines on

A funny thing happened to me yesterday. Well, maybe not funny. Whatever I can think of to call it this event was certainly different. A bit of exposition: Twenty years ago a great album was released. One of many great albums from 1991 in fact. (My senior year of high school, for the record, was … Continue reading

With friends like these. . .

The cockneys sure have a way with words, don’t they? One of the words they have a way with is “cunt,” which usually takes the place of people’s names and serves nicely as a blunt little exclamation point. If the word offends you, steer clear of 44 Inch Chest (2010), as it contains an incalculable … Continue reading

Make the road by walking

This morning I came the closest I’ve been to dreaming in months. Since I watched Inception, probably. Dreaming for me is only ever the illegitimate child of stress and careless imbibing, as a result dreams are closer to nightmares in which I must fix ALL of the things and save the mermaid village from the … Continue reading

PopHeart spring wishlist

1. Actual Spring-like conditions. Come on, Michigan. Rupert and I aren’t going anywhere if we have to continue wearing winter coats. 2. A frugal, fun, flirty and floral dress. Adorbs! Only $17.99 at 3. Swedish Hasbeens. Clunky, chunky 70’s chic with a clickety clack soundtrack. They run upwards of $200, but H&M will have … Continue reading

Apologizing for the thing I can’t stand

If you haven’t heard, dear readers, there’s a new crap sandwich in town and this shit is gourmet. It’s served on fancy artisan bread with hand cut shoestring potatoes fried in truffle infused oil and a somehow snooty pickle spear on a bed of arugula. It’s Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Upon hearing how bad this song … Continue reading

A night without #winning

Angela Vasquez-Giroux live-tweeted the Tigers’ second game of the season in New York. Which, sadly, was carried on Fox with the painfully inept Joe Buck behind the mic. Read all about it in “A night without #winning” on Storify


I have no problem being alone. Most of the time, I’d rather be alone. As Miss Kate Sloan often says, it’s usually a good day to be me. I’m pretty cool to hang out with. However, I draw the line at eating out by myself. Lunch does not count. Anywhere where I can acceptably read … Continue reading