Summer in the city

The piles of snow have all disappeared. People walk around all pale-armed, looking sideways like a snowstorm might attack them and steal their wallets. I’m starting to break in my feet with flip-flop calluses. It’s finally summer in Boston. But that doesn’t make much of a difference to me, other than a change in footwear … Continue reading

May 23-27, 2011

After Danish film director Lars Von Trier’s remarks at the Cannes Film Festival in which he called himself a “Nazi” and “sympathetic to Hitler,” Kevin Mattison reflects on his own conflicted history watching Von Trier’s films in A rock in the shoe: my love-hate relationship with Lars Von Trier, Pt. 1.

After the death of wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Ana Holguin remembers the macho men in her life–the wrestlers who manifested strength to a girl who felt she had none. Read The Macho Man vs. the family secrets.

Ready for another webcomic round-up? Review that high-school math and history you barely remember before reading these smart comics, in Smart Girl at the Party: Web Comic Round Up, Part III.

Jill Kolongowski’s been laid up in bed despite being up-to-date on her flu shots. Read about her favorite foods to make you feel better (one of which you’ve probably never heard of) in Chicken soup for the sick cook’s soul.

A rock in the shoe: my love-hate relationship with Lars Von Trier, Pt. 1

I had long been considering writing a piece about Danish director, Lars Von Trier, but had never really gotten around to it. Then, at the Cannes film festival press conference for his latest film, Melancholia, Von Trier declared himself to be a “Nazi” and “sympathetic to Hitler.” Well, all right. I suppose that now is … Continue reading

The Macho Man vs. the family secrets

When I heard of the Macho Man’s passing, I felt the way I feel when I see one of those old, ugly and vanquished video stores tucked away in a strip mall.  Those video places look so sad sputtering into oblivion in the face of Netflix and fancy cable.  I remember how often I visited … Continue reading

Smart Girl at the Party: Web Comic Round Up, Part III

Okay kids, this week we’re back to the round up. I hope you all know how hard it’s been for me NOT to make a rodeo joke, but I know no one appreciates a clown. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I wasn’t familiar with this comic before my poll, but now that it’s on my radar … Continue reading

Chicken soup for the sick cook’s soul

Thanks for your patience while I took a week off, dear readers. I rarely get sick but I caught some sort of sinus illness that started off as a fever that had me shivering violently at my desk and coughing up several lungs. I drugged myself up and went to work because I had plans … Continue reading

May 17-20, 2011

Sure, they pop off the screen, but do they really do anything? Andrew DuPont takes on 3D movies in “The new technology is already old again”

Poetry? Comics? Yes and yes! Kate Sloan shows us how the Poetry Foundation has done it before, and argues it should be done more often. Read “Unlikely bedfellows”

Ana Holguin really enjoyed Bridesmaids, but it reminded her of something that it really seems like more people should know by now: Women are funny. And not just Tina Fey. Read “Funny business”

Today in “Rounding Third,” Angela Vasquez-Giroux notes that, ever behind the curve, the New York Times has finally taken notice of the dearth of nicknames in contemporary baseball. To try and help out, Angela suggests one for Miguel Cabrera in “Because even The New York Times noticed”

The new technology is already old again

Saying that Hollywood is rarely original is an understatement, but nothing has driven that point home more than the recent market saturation of 3D. While James Cameron’s Avatar did not secure him another Best Picture Oscar, it did launch a new wave of band-wagon jumping that is not currently showing signs of slowing. Believe it … Continue reading

Unlikely bedfellows

The other day I was taking my nerdiness to a whole new level on A friend had tipped me off to a series the site ran a few years ago called “The Poem as Comic Strip.” The project asks some of the most respected and celebrated comic artists of today to interpret any poem … Continue reading

Funny business

With the release of Bridesmaids and Tina Fey’s book Bossypants there’s been lots of talk about funny women lately. Here are some of my responses and gripes. Women are funny. Period. Moving on. Can we stop bemoaning the Chick Flick? Much of the time our media suggests that what’s normal is a white male perspective. … Continue reading