May 9-13, 2011

Kevin Mattison continues his tribute to Robert Altman by touching quickly on his improvisational seat-of-his-pants brilliance. Read “How Robert Altman helped me justify being lazy in film school – Pt. 2”

Mike Vincent revisits some old good-byes with LCD Soundsystem and John Fahey. Read “Fare thee well”

Kate Sloan’s survey of the best, weirdest, and most fun comics online continues in “Webcomic roundup, part II”

It’s hump day. Get over it (or celebrate it) with Rosemary Van Deuren’s “Top ten sexy music videos for hipsters & delinquents”

If the Tigers really get going this season, it may be because catcher Alex Avila decided to take the wheel. Angela Vasquez-Girouz examines the evidence in “The case for Alex Avila”

In “The F Word” this week, Jill Kolongowski tries Brussels sprouts, and thinks about giving up on cooking. (What?) Read “Take me out”

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