Some completely biased speculation on the DC reboot

DC Comics recently shocked fans by announcing that this September the DC universe will undergo a massive reboot, quite possibly the biggest in the publisher’s history. Such big changes with so little time to adjust have led many online fans to condemn the move before it even happens. Meanwhile, rumors suggest many comic retailers are … Continue reading

Pandering with p-words

Self-evident fact number one: women like sports, and as such, we watch sports on television. And, yeah, we get that far less than zero percent of all advertising or promotional marketing is aimed at us. Which is fine. I don’t need a pink Detroit Tigers cap, or a pink baseball shaped keychain, or a pink … Continue reading

U2 in East Lansing (before and after)

Somewhere, right now, Bono is in East Lansing — Me, to my family when I arrived in EL on June 25th. Thing I most remember was Bono climbing around on the lighting equipment like an Irish monkey. -– Chris, my longtime record store friend who was in attendance when U2 last played East Lansing on … Continue reading

June 20-24, 2011

Kevin Mattison has already said his goodbyes to the late French filmmaker Jacques Tati, and having done so, he tries to watch Tati’s last film, The Illusionist, on its own terms. Read the result in “Jacques Tatis, there and back again”

Mike Vincent continues his journey through Krautrock by revisiting Kraftwerk in its formative years. Read “Kraftwerk: the early days”

You too can have the wardrobe of your dreams, or at least show the world what it would look like. Ana Holguin shows you how in “Crafting your closet with Polyvore”

Alex Avila is playing third base, Justin Verlander is firing on all cylinders, and the Tigers are flirting with first place. It may seem like bizarro world, but according to Angela Vasquez-Giroux, things simply, for once, are the way they’re supposed to be. Read “What we talk about when we talk about ball”

How do I know it’s summer? Jill Kolongowski is making corn on the cob, ribs, and mojito pops. (Also keep an eye out for the Harry Potter cameo.) Read “The day-long barbecue”

Jacques Tatis, there and back again

Last year, upon learning about the inevitable release of the French animated film, The Illusionist, I wrote a piece expressing my love for its writer and inspiration, filmmaker Jacques Tati. French filmmaker Jacques Tati passed away on November 5th, 1982, but it would not be until 2010 that his swan song would be played.  It would come in … Continue reading

Kraftwerk: the early days

When we look back at Kraftwerk it is easy to have no knowledge of the early days of the band, before they really were “Kraftwerk.” Springing from the formative West Germany in the 60s Ralf Hutter and Florian Schnieder worked together as far back as 1967. Their first band was called Organization and released a … Continue reading

Crafting your closet with Polyvore

So, when I’m not Facebook Tetrising my odd minutes away, I love to create fashion sets on The site provides a place for you to browse clothing, accessories, beauty items, home goods and various other doo-dads you might (wish to) purchase. If you’ve got the cash-money, you can use the site to locate things … Continue reading

What we talk about when we talk about ball

Something special is happening right now. Alex Avila is flirting with. 300, the first Tigers catcher to hit so well since Lance Parrish. In fact, he took a turn at third base just to keep his offense in the lineup during interleague play. If life were fair, he’d be the undeniable starting catcher for the … Continue reading

The day-long barbecue

Despite writing about food and cooking, most of the time I’d rather just be eating. Eating is immensely more fun than cooking. But there are those rare days when I go all Betty Crocker and want to spend the day in the kitchen. Ever since the grocery store started carrying fresh ears of corn I’ve … Continue reading

June 13-18, 2011

Mike Vincent continues his journey through Krautrock by touching on the big boys. Read “Kraftwerk”

Every medium suffers from success. When the good stuff sells, people make more and more of stuff that’s usually not so good. It can feel like that’s where video games are right now, with very few gems in a whole lot of dross. Andrew Simone takes it in, and points to a way out in “My desperate search”

John Arcudi has scripted comics including Doom Patrol, Gen-13, Batman, The Mask, Barb Wire, and Mike Mignola’s BPRD. His latest project is the graphic novel A god Somewhere, and you can catch up with him in Rosemary Van Deuren’s “Interview with John Arcudi”

Lindsey Malta might have synesthesia. She’s never actually gotten an objective diagnosis, but that doesn’t make it any less vivid. She gives you a peek inside her head in “Color me weird?”

The cupboards are bare, so Jill Kolongowski throws away the safety net. (It all ends well. Mostly.) Read “Bad-assery and petty crime: risotto without a recipe”