May 30-June 3, 2011

Kevin Mattison continues his gentle dissection of Lars Von Trier, finding evidence of his unique brand of aesthetic sadism in 2003’s The Five Obstructions and finally taking a close look at what might possibly have motivated him to call himself a Nazi at Cannes. Read “A rock in the shoe: my love-hate relationship with Lars Von Trier, Pt. 2”

There are no drawings, no characters, and no plots. It reads like a series of engagingly bleak and surprisingly sentimental haikus, but it consists of three panels and it’s online, so Kate Sloan is calling it a web comic, dammit. It’s A Softer World, and you can read about it in “Truth & beauty bombs”

The Portal video games are popular, engaging, and have a smart sense of humor, but what exactly are they? Pacifist first-person shooters? Puzzle games gone mad? Something else entirely? Gavin Craig sorts it out in “Sucked in”

Warm weather in Boston can make Jill Kolongowski a bit nostalgic for sitting by a Michigan lake with a cold one, so she makes some. Cold ones. Popsicles, that is. Read “Summer in the city”

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