June 6-11, 2011

You’ve read the Harry Potter books, you’ve seen the movies, you know all about what happens at the end. Except you’ve got it all wrong. J. K. Rowling says that Harry becomes an auror, but Gavin Craig lets you in on what really happens in “After the end: a Harry Potter counterfictional”

Mike Vincent proves that Krautrock is more than just Kraftewerk in his “Krautrock YouTube sampler” (Don’t worry he’ll get to Kraftewerk next week.)

Comics make everything better, even and especially book reviews. Kate Sloan shows you how in “Book reviews for the comic lover’s soul”

What list includes both Jared Leto and David Letterman? There can be only one, and it’s Ana Holguin’s “The Catalano factor—TV boys who look good but aren’t good for you”

Angela Vasquez-Giroux takes a look at the struggles, past and present, of Tigers second baseman Ryan Raburn. The man has been through more than you may be aware of. Read “Five ways of looking at Ryan Raburn”

Jill Kolongowski’s Vegetable Challenge continues with skillet gnocchi with chard and white beans. Read “Vegetable Challenge: (What the h is) chard?”

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