June 13-18, 2011

Mike Vincent continues his journey through Krautrock by touching on the big boys. Read “Kraftwerk”

Every medium suffers from success. When the good stuff sells, people make more and more of stuff that’s usually not so good. It can feel like that’s where video games are right now, with very few gems in a whole lot of dross. Andrew Simone takes it in, and points to a way out in “My desperate search”

John Arcudi has scripted comics including Doom Patrol, Gen-13, Batman, The Mask, Barb Wire, and Mike Mignola’s BPRD. His latest project is the graphic novel A god Somewhere, and you can catch up with him in Rosemary Van Deuren’s “Interview with John Arcudi”

Lindsey Malta might have synesthesia. She’s never actually gotten an objective diagnosis, but that doesn’t make it any less vivid. She gives you a peek inside her head in “Color me weird?”

The cupboards are bare, so Jill Kolongowski throws away the safety net. (It all ends well. Mostly.) Read “Bad-assery and petty crime: risotto without a recipe”

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