June 20-24, 2011

Kevin Mattison has already said his goodbyes to the late French filmmaker Jacques Tati, and having done so, he tries to watch Tati’s last film, The Illusionist, on its own terms. Read the result in “Jacques Tatis, there and back again”

Mike Vincent continues his journey through Krautrock by revisiting Kraftwerk in its formative years. Read “Kraftwerk: the early days”

You too can have the wardrobe of your dreams, or at least show the world what it would look like. Ana Holguin shows you how in “Crafting your closet with Polyvore”

Alex Avila is playing third base, Justin Verlander is firing on all cylinders, and the Tigers are flirting with first place. It may seem like bizarro world, but according to Angela Vasquez-Giroux, things simply, for once, are the way they’re supposed to be. Read “What we talk about when we talk about ball”

How do I know it’s summer? Jill Kolongowski is making corn on the cob, ribs, and mojito pops. (Also keep an eye out for the Harry Potter cameo.) Read “The day-long barbecue”

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