June 27-July 1, 2011

They’re moving pictures, but Kevin Mattison offers a reminder that the words matter as well in “It’s not what you say, but how (and when)”

Because you can never have enough Kraftwerk, Mike Vincent shares one of the more unique ways to get your fix of those fine German melodies: Senor Coconut. Read “The sincerest form of flattery”

Andrew DuPont doesn’t mind a good continuity reboot every now and then. In the comics world, they’re probably inevitable. He just wishes that DC’s upcoming company-wide relaunch seemed a bit more like it was going to be anything other than a blatant marketing ploy. Read “Some completely biased speculation on the DC reboot”

Women like sports. Men like sports. Men who need a bit of T and A in their broadcast in order to keep their attention don’t really like sports, and Angela Vasquez-Giroux wishes that the teams, schools, and networks would really just let them go. Read “Pandering with p-words”

Mike Vincent comes into U2’s East Lansing, MI Spartan Stadium concert with one set of expectations, and leaves with something entirely different. Read “U2 in East Lansing (before and after)”

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