July 18-23, 2011

Books, films, and merchandise, and it’s all great, but why, Gavin Craig asks, can’t we get just one really amazing Harry Potter video game? (And then maybe a couple of more after that.) Find out in “Books, brooms, and bad video games”

Kevin Mattison hasn’t read any of the Harry Potter books, but he has seen all the films. It’s all ending now, but he takes a look at the beginning, and a major turning point. Read “That’s all there is, there is no more”

According to Kate Sloan, Harry Potter is not just awesome himself, he is the cause of aweseomeness in others. Read “Magic is real, if you want it”

Ana Holguin is pretty good at worrying, but she was just an amateur before her dachshunds, Enzo and Rupert, joined the family. Recently they gave her a run for her money, figuratively and literally. Were they rescued in the end? The title may give it away, but get the deets in “A tale of a long dog, his girl and the people that saved them”

Angela Vasquez-Giroux reads Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time, and finds echoes in Harry not of Alexander Rodriguez and his hated Yankees as she expected. Instead she’s reminded of a scrappier, more uncertain, and more admirable fellow: Johnny Damon. Read “Harry Potter and the evil empire”

Jill Kolongowski says goodbye to the Harry Potter films with a midnight viewing of The Deathly Hallows and some pumpkin pasties. If she can find any pumpkin, that is. Read “On the Hogwarts Express: Pumpkin Pasties”

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