July 25-30, 2011

Teal Amthor-Shaffer hears the universe’s call to to step up and represent the fairer sex as a lady, not a well-intentioned delinquent. She also ponders what effect this might have on her dating life. Read “Catharsis in F major”

Mike Vincent looks back at Jackass, the stunts, the music, why it made him laugh, and why he stopped laughing. Read “If you’re gonna be dumb you gotta be tough”

Sick of steampunk? So was Andrew Simone, until Guns of Icarus took him Into the Breach. Read “Guns of Icarus”

Getting married? Gotten married? Thinking about getting married? Going on a second date? Angela Vasqeuz-Giroux sets you on the right track with the best partnership of all time: Alan Trammell at short and Lou Whitker at second base. Read “When asked to officiate a wedding, this is what a baseball fan comes up with”

Kate Sloan describes her life as an exile in a strange land: A Tigers fan in Boston. Read “Living in the nation”

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