August 8-12, 2011

It’s Beverage Week at The Idler!

Everybody drinks. Mike Vincent pulls together some of his favorite beverage songs, with a brief Blackadder detour, in “Drink tea, for the love of god!”

Rosemary Van Deuren has spent a lot of time imbibing a lot of fluids. Get the sordid details on where, what, and when in “My life in liquid: beverages I have known, loved and exploited”

“In the Queue” returns! This week, Tim Carmody watches Vittorio De Sica’s 1948 film Ladri di Bicyclette (Bicycle Thieves). Read “A broken world of bedsheets and bicycles”

Daniel J. Hogan has been exploring Michigan’s Upper Penninsula, and his greatest find may have been the Moscow Mule, a drink served in a mug so valuable, that the bar demands collateral before they’ll give you one. Read “A Moscow Mule, in a copper mug”

New columnist Francine McKenna will be writing about “A Drinking Life,” and she gets her both column and Beverage Week started with “Coffee, I owe you my life”

Jill Kolongowski is on the road like Sal and Dean, and she offers her professional guide to your travel drinking choices in “A girl’s guide to road trips: Choose your own adventure”

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