Thoughtcicles: year one

1. What was your first column?

My first column was “Batman, a memoir in media.” Kevin Mattison had been inviting and nudging me to write a piece for The Idler for a while (dude has faith in me) and my brain box just wasn’t feeling a good vibe with anything I would come up with. Everything felt forced and non-genuine. But then I was told it was Batman Week, and I suddenly knew what I wanted to write about. As it turns out, when writing about something I love it comes quite naturally. My Thoughtcicles are not the best things ever written, but they are heartfelt and I’m proud of that.

2. What is your favorite Idler column that you didn’t write?

Jill Kolongowski’s “On the Hogwarts Express: Pumpkin Pasties” is definitely up there on my list of favorites. As a lover of food, “The F Word” is always a highlight of my internet reading. I am also often struck with wistful waves of nostalgia and long for times past on a daily basis. Settling in for a Harry Potter marathon with delicious comfort food as a means of building up to the final movie and saying goodbye to your childhood? All I can say is I wish I had been there. Just thinking of what fun we might have had together gets me all misty-eyed. . .

3. What sort of things do you want to write about in the next year?

Since the words only flow forth when I’m passionate about the topic: I have no idea. My head is an unending sea of eclectic humors and thoughts, many of which get forgotten about and then resurface unexpectedly. One thing I can promise: Something featuring Bruce Campbell and/or Eddie Izzard whenever my heart and my head are in the same place. Love those guys.

Lindsey Malta writes “Thoughtcicles” for The Idler.

One Response to “Thoughtcicles: year one”
  1. Jill Kolongowski says:

    Lindsey, let’s plz get together and watch HP7 when both parts are out on DVD. I’ll bring the pumpkin pasties and butterbeer, you bring the tissues and your fine self. Thanks for the shout! :)

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