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Ok, I’m stuck on this song. Writing about Serge Gainsbourg for the past two weeks has me stuck on this, his famous-est song and filthiest song, “Je T’aime Moi Non Plus.” I’ve dedicated space to the song as sung by Gainsbourg with Bardot and with Birkin and I’ve spoken of Nick Cave’s version of the song. I just couldn’t let the song go and thought what better way to end weeks of writing about this titan of French music than with a big ol’ YouTube post filled with some cover versions of the song. Full disclosure, some of these versions are great. Some of them suck. Bad term. So of them aren’t very good. However I will leave you, my fearless readers, to figure out which versions belong and which don’t.

Barry Adamson: Sung in French with Ms. Anita Lane, formerly Nick Cave’s.

Donna Summer: Disco version!

Paul Mauriat: Elevator version or slow motion soft focus garden rolling version

Pet Shop Boys: Open the Pod Bay Doors Wacky Vocoder Version

Malcom McLaren: Shitty Svengali Version

Sven Vath: Completely Insane German Techno Version

The Ukelele Orchesta of Britain: Totally self explanatory version

Cat Power & Karen Elson: Two chicks version!

Brian Molko & Asia Argento: Off the charts shitty version

Psychic TV: Did Genesis P-Orridge sing both parts as the Pandrogene? version

Einstruzende Neubauten: Industrial insane anti-romantic German version

Which is your favorite? Which is the worst? I’ll list mine but only if you go first!

Mike Vincent is a teacher, dreamer, grouch, and runner. He lives in northern Michigan and his favorite Beatle is George Harrison.

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