September 5-9, 2011

Mike Vincent isn’t the only person obsessed with Serge Gainsbourg. Gainsbourg has been covered by everyone from Donna Summer to the Pet Shop Boys to The Ukelele Orchesta of Britain. Check out the results in “Nor do I”

Before the DC Universe reboot, Superman got one last shot at Doomsday, the villain that killed him. Andrew DuPont tells you how it went down (and whether it was worth it) in “Not a bang, but a whimper”

Amy Doan is the one-woman powerhouse behind both the independent clothing line Shrinkle and Sugarpill Cosmetics, which the best qualities of theater, luxury and club makeup with a velvety formula for daily, long-lasting wear. Rosemary Van Deuren interviews her in “Sugarpill: An interview with Amy Doan”

Buddy Cole was a glorious beast, transcending nationality and orientation, and he saved the adolescence of a poor, straight Detroit boy in the 1990s. Tim Carmody tells you how in “The border virtues of Buddy Cole”

It’s labor day, so Jill Kolongowski is taking the day off cooking, and instead shares her list of absolute kitchen essentials. Read “How to equip your kitchen”

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