EarthBound: I just don’t know

Despite the screenshot, I am not entirely sure about this game.

The game mechanics themselves are uninspired. Kill stuff and gain experience to get new abilities and increase incomprehensible stats at a mathematically consistent rate. And, as I mentioned last time, the enemies are brutal, a misplaced heal and you’re done, which means a lot of reloading and lost progress (early game, anyway, we’ll see how it pans out in the future).

I am not also not sure whether I love or hate the auto-fight option. There is something weird about letting a game play itself and if it’s actually required to make a game playable you can replace the word “weird” with “terrible.”

Here are thoughts that actually ran through my mind during my last session:

  • “Let me check my email real quick”
  • “I better check twitter while I am at it and find out what this Qwickster nonsense is all about.”
  • “I wonder if I will miss anything if I mute the sound and watch some bad anime at the same time”

Obviously, these are not good signs. I can only hope the quirkiness starts to really grab me.

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I was pretty stoked about this time traveling bee dude that appeared to tell me how I was going to save the world, then helps me beat down a terrifying alien only to get squashed later by a friend’s mom. This made me sad.

I just don’t know folks, I’m willing to keep plugging away, but quirkiness alone might not be able to carry this game.

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