EarthBound: Happy Happy

This latest stretch of the game took a, surprise-surprise, weird turn. I had to travel a town over to Twoson, in search of a girl with psychic powers, Paula (her weapon of choice? A frying pan).

One problem: Paula had been kidnapped. Who kidnapped Paula? A bunch of cultists, the Happy-Happyists. Hilarity, as would be expected, ensued.

Happy Happyists are obsessed with painting everything the color blue and they chant “blue, blue, blue” over and over. If this is meant as some sort of commentary on American cults, I have no idea, but it is rather amusing (albeit strange).

Prior to entering the valley of the Happy Happyists, I had a bit of work to do in Twoson. I had to do battle with an interesting selection of baddies, mainly the Cranky Woman, the Unassuming Local Guy, and the Annoying Old Party Man.

Like I said before, this is not your typical RPG.

In Twoson, I also met the Blues Brothers analogue, the Runaway Five, outside the Chaos Theater. Fans of the Scott Pilgrim comic book and film may recognize the name.

When I first played EarthBound many years ago and I arrived in Twoson, I was given a quick lesson in economics, capitalism, and free market blah-blah-blah.

In Burglin Park (a charming bit of wordplay, as the place is run by a crook), you can purchase a Fresh Egg for $12. If you hang on to the egg for a few minutes, it grows into a Chicken. You can then sell said Chicken for $110, a profit of $98. Combo this with the For Sale Sign (bought in Burglin Park), which lets you summon a buyer for your unwanted items, and you can start rolling in the cash very quickly.

Also in Twoson, you meet a pair of inventors: Orange Kid and Apple Kid.

Orange Kid is a playboy of sorts and not a very good inventor. Apple Kid is a slob, but is able to make many helpful items throughout the game. As an adult, I now wonder if Apple Kid was a reference to Apple Computers, and if his slovenly appearance could refer to the problems Apple was having around the time, before the return of Steve Jobs. Maybe. Maybe not.

Whilst in the town of Happy Happyists, I found out Pokey, Ness’ annoying neighbor back in his hometown and now a high ranking figure in Happy Happyism, orchestrated Paula’s capture for her use in a human sacrifice. The game even explicitly says, “human sacrifice,” which is quite the contrast to the cutesy look of the game and its humor.

Let’s rewind a bit. You have kid in his early teens, in a very powerful and important role in a fanatical cult. A kid, who conspires with another kid (who wears a mask) to kidnap a girl from her home to use in a human sacrifice.


Pokey escaped justice after I defeated the cult leader, Mr. Carpainter, and I know this is not the last I shall see of him.

Where You At?: Threed
Sanctuary Songs Recorded: 2
Party: Ness, Paula

Next: Zombies!

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