September 26-28, 2011

Ana Holguin watches all the television, so you don’t have to. Kat Dennings is the awesome, but will her new sitcom, Two Broke Girls, hold Ana’s attention? Find out in “What I’m watching”

The world of Twin Peaks is a strange one, but perhaps not quite as strange as the worlds inhabited by those who watch the show in 30-hour marathon sessions. Repeatedly. Daniel J. Hogan lets us in on one such world in “Welcome to Twin Peaks”

The Gamers’ Club is playing EarthBound. Read “Happy Happy” by Daniel J. Hogan and “The grind” by Andrew Simone

Because San Francisco wasn’t far enough west, “The F Word” this week gets even closer to the International Date Line in Hawaii! Mai tais and pig roasts abound. (Those with squeamish constitutions are warned.) Read “From Hawaii with aloha”

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