Trash or treasure: Halloween candy edition

Good morning and Happy Halloween, dear readers! Since most of you aren’t kids, instead of a pillowcase full of half-melted candy, you’re left with makeup cementing your eyes shut, glitter in your hair, welts from your push-up bra, and a headache that even painkillers can’t quite dull. Why were we in such a hurry to … Continue reading

October 24-28, 2011

Kevin Mattison doesn’t know how it happened, but he nearly missed Halloween, and AMC’s Fear Fest horror movie marathon. Fortunately, nearly missing and actually missing are totally different things. Tune in at the last minute with him in “I almost lost Halloween, or, How AMC saved my Halloween…again”

Mike Vincent has found himself a bit distracted lately, but he has a few samples of what’s been running around in his head (including video) in “Missing in action”

Can’t find your favorite childhood Halloween special on TV this year? Chances are pretty good that it’s on YouTube. Lindsey Malta gives you a guide in “Very special Halloween specials”

Ana Holguin wraps up her round up of her favorite new fall TV shows in “What I’m Watching: Roundup finale”

After The Dirty Dozen, but before The Expendables, there was Play Dirty, an action movie about Michael Caine pulling together a ragtag buch of recruits with troubled pasts to. . . oh, I’ll just let Daniel J. Hogan tell you about it in “Play Dirty”

The Gamers’ Club is playing EarthBound. Read “Hokey Pokey” by Daniel J. Hogan, “Make or break” by Gavin Craig, and “I loathe this game” by Andrew Simone

Gavin Craig launches a new column, “The Friendly Foodie,” with a non-apology for jerks and snobs. Read “Food, foodies, and jerks”

I almost lost Halloween, or, How AMC saved my Halloween…again

Here we are, just days away from my favorite holiday and I’ve barely even noticed that Halloween is upon us. Life has gotten in the way this year. There has been no time for my nightly veg sessions in front of AMC’s fear fest; no time for the myriad of horror countdowns on the Chiller … Continue reading

Missing in action

Greetings readers (both of you). Due to recent schedule wackiness I have been stuck on a few items these past few weeks. I hope to get my mind out of this downward spiral in the next few days but thought I would offer up a small video sample (with article text) of what I’m working … Continue reading

Very special Halloween specials

Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday. Costumes, candy, and best of all, lots of terrific classic scary movies and Halloween specials! Back in the day Sister and I would come home from trick-or-treating to a warm house where we’d salivate in anticipation while our parents checked our candy. We’d darken the living room and switch … Continue reading

What I’m Watching: Roundup finale

Whitney (NBC, Thursdays) Like Two Broke Girls, I had high hopes for this one. Whitney Cummings is a solid, risk-taking, wise-cracking comedian. I like her for how far she’s willing to push a joke, not for how high the network can hike her mini skirt. However, NBC seems to value the latter more than the … Continue reading

Play Dirty

One of the perks of Netflix Watch Instant is I can take a chance on something, without the risk of wasting a few days waiting for a DVD to arrive. I can browse, try something for a few minutes, and if I don’t enjoy the flick, I just hit stop and find something else (which … Continue reading

EarthBound: Hokey Pokey

I have made it to Fourside, which according to the Player’s Guide, is supposed to be some kind of New York City analogue. Interesting, considering Fourside has some of the least amount of “citizens” walking around when compared to the smaller towns. But, it does have a Dinosaur Museum. Which is great. However, the main … Continue reading

EarthBound: Make or break

All right. For the past few weeks, EarthBound has given me a great platform for writing about my unsettled personal life. My more astute readers, however, will observe that I haven’t spent much time actually playing the game. Based on this week’s posts, Daniel is finding food for thought and making good progress, and Andrew … Continue reading

EarthBound: I loathe this game

I’ve been slowly slogging throw this game and I am, quite frankly, close to throwing in the towel. I just got through the Saturn Valley area Daniel mentioned last week, but in order to do that I had to get through Master Blech‘s Factory which required a password for entry, namely not touching the controller … Continue reading