EarthBound: Dungeon Man in the sand

I am currently in the Egypt-themed country of Scaraba, and the story gets pretty interesting. By which I mean, strange. No surprise there, right?

Upon arriving in Scaraba, I came upon an NPC on the edge of town and he informed me, “The fat kid did his business over there.” Sure enough, on the sand there are a pair of black pixels. Upon inspecting the pixels, the game says (more or less) “Pokey’s stink still hangs in the air.”


A defecation joke in a Super Nintendo Game? Dang.

And this was not even the strangest part of Scaraba. Really. Dungeon Man is perhaps the strangest (but in a cool way). Dungeon Man is, according to the game, “the first fusion of Man and Dungeon.”

Yes, Dungeon Man is a giant walking dungeon. He also joins the party (Poo left for a bit to learn Starstorm). This is sort of like if Metroplex from The Transformers joined the party. I should add, Dungeon Man started out as a very human dungeon designer by the name of Brick Road. Jeff’s father, Dr. Andonuts, made the fusion of Man and Dungeon possible. Again, this foreshadows later events in the game.

Oh, and Dungeon Man also has folks living inside, including a Hospital (where you can heal your party). This reminds me of the Futurama episode where Fry becomes infested with intelligent space worms.

Where You At?: Dungeon Man
Sanctuary Songs Recorded: 6
Party: Ness, Paula, Jeff

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