November 28-December 2, 2011

Kevin Smith has accused the Independent Spirit Awards of losing their independent spirit. Kevin Mattison says that Smith is just complaining because his bad film didn’t get any nominations. Make up your own mind in “Indie-pendence day”

With players like Sydney Crosby and Eric Lindros sidelined — or worse — due to frequent or severe concussions, Yael Borofsky cheers the NHL’s new attention to brain injury. We owe as much to players who sacrifice so much for the game. Read “Coming to a head”

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Daniel J. Hogan lists the titles he’s most grateful for on Netflix streaming. There’s some forgotten animation, men in dresses, and an orangutan in a pickup truck. Get the details in “I’m thankful for. . .”

The Gamers’ Club is playing EarthBound. Read “Location, location, location” by Daniel J. Hogan

The F Word and The Friendly Foodie are both recovering from Thanksgiving. Jill Kolongowski shares the story of a family in the hospital that ends in a Thanksgiving that she’s truly thankful for in “Giving thanks” Gavin Craig looks for converts to cranberry sauce with an incredibly easy recipe in “Cranberries before you know it”

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