Wishlist: PopHeart

oxfords A Blue, Blue (Seude Shoes) Christmas

Brogues, Topshop $130

A little bit 90s Elaine Benes in style, these oxfords will add a hip masculine edge to my typically femme looks. Get out!

jewels Charming Jewels

Bracelet, BetseyJohnson $65

I’ve always wanted a charm bracelet and this one has a whole menagerie of friendly creatures to name and keep me jingle-jangling company.

Kaling book Wicked Smaht and Funny Bookery

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, Barnes and Noble $15.99

Mindy Kaling’s new book is a must have for feminist comedy geeks like moi.

candle Sweet Sweet Aromatherapy

Candle, Aveda $29

Even if you haven’t showered in days, you can make your home or office smell like fresh nature-y shampoo…and perhaps have delicious flashbacks of an Aveda salon head massage. Mmmmm. Yes.

Batcar Sugar-skulls-a-go-go

Batman calavera sticker, Etsy $1.50

I pretty much want anything and everything from MisNopalesArt’s Etsy store. The artist depicts pop culture figures from Johnny Cash to Darth Vader in fun Mexican sugar skull forms. There might even be a few fat tatted up rockabilly birds and some winged schnauzers and dachshunds to boot.

Bitch magazine The gift of Bitch

Bitch one year subscription, bitchmagazine.org $24.95

A feminist response to pop culture for your favorite academically and politically-minded surveyor of fashion, television, music and movies.

Christmas Cocktails Kitschy Kristmas

Ultra Lounge Christmas Cocktails CDs 1-3, Under $10 each on Amazon.com and iTunes

If you haven’t let Guy Lombardo, Peggy Lee, and the Tijuana Brass put some Cha-Cha in your holidays, then you haven’t lived. The tracks range from delightfully ridiculous to cozily nostalgic. Maybe I just bought parts 2 and 3 as a gift from me to me.

eyeshadow Golden Eyes

Kat Von D’s Saint palette, Sephora $35

Kat’s eye shadows were on my wishlist last year, too, and with good reason. High-quality and deeply pigmented, her makeup products feel great on your face and come in beautiful tattoo-inspired packaging.

t-rex Giant Squishable Fear

Squishie T-Rex, squishable.com $39

Though I’m supposedly an adult, I love these cute, soft, squishable friends and am still afraid of dinosaurs. A cuddly tyrannasaurus could help me work through my issues and hug out my more grown-up anxieties.

cuddlies Even Squishier Squishables

Donate! Volunteer! Adopt! Humanesociety.org

There are a lot of homeless animal buddies out there that could use your help. Give some time, toys, food, or money this holiday season. It would make my popheart and yours grow at least 3 sizes.

Ana Holguin writes PopHeart for The Idler.

3 Responses to “Wishlist: PopHeart”
  1. rosemaryvandeuren says:

    Kaling’s new book is one that I’ve been wanting too. Nice list! :)

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