Wishlist: The Cinephiles

A new P.T. Anderson film

So apparently The Master is back on! It looks like I got my Christmas wish from last year after all! I just had to be patient, which is a virtue I have in spades. WHAT?! It’s STILL in post?! Mother…

Surround sound

As a child I owned a tiny, red-and-white record player and over a dozen books on 45. They were always read by what in retrospect sounded like an overzealous theatre teacher pulling every character voice they’d ever concocted out of their own you-know-what.  I loved them dearly. I used to lay on the floor, in the dark, and listen to them through headphones.

Being in a movie theatre stirs the same feelings. The lights dim, the sound goes up, and (hopefully) the crowd hushes. For me, as storytelling formats go, you can’t beat it.

That’s why, my dear wife, I want, nay, need, to get a surround sound system for our living room. I know, I know. It’s the holiday season and we have plenty to spend our money on. I know, I know. We just purchased a house and we should probably try to recover a little financially before making any other commitments. But can you think of a better place to convalesce than our new sofa in our new living room watching a movie with our new surround sound fully immersing you in said movie’s world!

Did you just roll your eyes at me?! Wouldn’t you rather widen those big, beautiful eyes when you hear the low end rumble a good woofer can generate? No? Okay, how about crystal clear audio during Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” musical number? Now you’re listening. (She’s a HUGE Aladdin fan)

A year-long movie pass

Yes, such a thing exists and my reasons for desperately needing it needn’t be stated.

Because I ask for it every year…

Time must freeze so that I may watch every film ever made.

Kevin Mattison is co-editor of The Idler, as well as being an occassional film review contributor for Real Detroit Weekly, a filmmaker and videographer. You can follow him on Twitter at @kmmattison.

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