December 19-23, 2011

It’s almost Christmas, but we’re not quite there yet, so there’s still time to wish that it were Christmas today. Mike Vincent does in “Christmas pinnacles”

The Casual Gamer rather perversely prides himself on being behind the curve, so if you’re shopping for the video game player who always seems to be playing catch-up, or if you’re just trying to catch up on some last-minute ideas, check out his end of the year “Casual Gamer Wishlist”

Sarah Pavis isn’t looking for something brainy, she’s just looking for something to keep her occupied before she hits the road for the holidays. Enter Limitless, in which Bradley Cooper first pretends to be slovenly, and then pretends to be really smart. Read Limitless: A movie where some things happen”

You can’t just watch the movie, you need to read the book, especially when you work in a bookstore. Except sometimes when the movie is a 10 hour miniseries. And the book is 864 pages. And the six volumes that follow are even longer. Read “Watching the book” by Kelly Hannon, before the film comes out.

The connections between food and family are indelible but not immutable. Sometimes the difference between the two can be as simple as a loaf of garlic bread. Read “Garlic bread” by Gavin Craig

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