January 2-5, 2012

Alabama and Louisiana State will meet up (again) on January 9 to play for the NCAA Division I National Championship. Maurice Pogue looks back at another BCS rematch that never happened — Michigan and Ohio State in 2007 — and how another Michigan team has suffered in the sordid world of football rematches and BCS romance. Read “The B(s)CS strikes again”

The Idler has resolved to not make any resolutions, but if Ana Holguin were making resolutions, here’s what they’d be. Read “Things I should resolve to do in the new year but probably won’t”

What are you doing with your New Year? Daniel J. Hogan is watching Bond, James Bond on Netflix streaming. Where should you start? Find out in “Bond, James Bond”

Kelly Hannon has started a lot of books that she’s never finished, but there’s no better way to make sure that she won’t read a book than telling her that she has to. Read “Procrastination, or, Why I don’t belong to a book club”

Jill Kolongowski cooks a bit of Christmas comfort. It all goes wrong, but somehow turns out right. Read “Homemade chicken and dumplings soup

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