February 13-17, 2012

Kevin Mattison continues The Great Oscar Race with Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life. Read “You are born, you die, and in between you make a lot of mistakes”

Why is Louis C.K. Ana Holguin’s Valentine this year? Because he’s funny, and there’s a brain under all that flabby male self-loathing. Read “My funny Valentine”

Even booksellers can’t read everything. Kelly Hannon had never heard of Locus Award winner and Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy Award nominee N. K. Jemisin, but a well-directed advance copy of her upcoming novel The Killing Moon changed all that. Read “The stuff of dreams”

Lindsey Malta shares the story of her cheesiest Valentine’s Day ever, and her recipe to do even better this year. Read “Cheesiest Valentine’s Day ever”

Jill Kolongowski makes double rainbow cupcakes as a Valentine’s Day treat for her sweetie. We’ll leave you to figure out what it all means. Read “Valentine’s day: Double rainbow coconut cupcakes”

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