April 2-5, 2012

Yael Borofsky is a bit bummed about her March Madness bracket, so she creates her own kind of bracket to determine the best goal song in the NHL. Read “Goal song madness”

He’s dangerous, flighty, and a creature of a broken heart. He’s constantly on the edge of not being the Doctor anymore. He’s David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, Gavin Craig tells you why he’s the best of the modern Doctor Who Doctors in “Kindness and fury”

The sleuth is clever, cutting, erudite, epicurean, exacting, and enthralling. The sleuth is Sarah Cauldwell’s legal historian Hilary Tamar, and new columnist Suzanne Fischer spends some time in the professor’s world in “Death, taxes, and telexes”

It’s the murkiest, most morally ambiguous entry in the Star Trek canon, and maybe that’s why Daniel J. Hogan loves Star Trek: Deep Space Nine the best. Read “DS9”

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