April 9-12, 2012

Matt Santori-Griffith loves bringing comic books home every week, and he loves stopping by his local brick-and-mortar store to hear what else is happening and what the store team is reading. One of the recent recommendations was Image Comics’ The Sword, and you can read about it in “Speak softly and carry a big sword”

She flies the TARDIS better than the Doctor, she knows what he’ll do before he does, and she has better hair. (You think the Doctor doesn’t know she has better hair? Oh, he knows.) Matt Santori-Griffith suggests it’s time to just admit that River Song is a better Doctor than the Doctor himself. Read “Spoilers, sweetie!”

There are two kinds of readers in the world: Those who read, and those who re-read. Kelly Hannon is one of the latter, and she recalls a somewhat testy encounter with two single-time-only readers in “Re-reading, stupid”

Ana Holguin runs, even though she hates running. She’s trying to write a love story (a love of running, food, and self) in which she moves beyond denying herself to finding what feels good when she runs. Read “On the run”

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