April 16-20, 2012

Rogert Ebert has a problem with lists — too often, they’re just a crutch for a lazy writer or critic. He, however, has been known to make a list of his own from time to time, and so has Kevin Mattison, who tries to figure out what a conscientious critic can and can’t do with lists in “Checking the lists”

The Flyers/Penguins first-round playoff series this year has been particularly bruising, and it’s pushing forward the conversation over whether the NHL needs to change its rules governing fighting, or even ban fighting outright. Yael Borofsky considers the pros and cons in “To fight, or not to fight”

Sometimes, it’s just too much trouble to decide what to watch next, so Sarah Werner asks the Netflix recommendation system to decide for her, with mixed results. Read “If you liked”

Suzanne Fischer tracks down a hard-to-find book by one of her favorite authors, The Homeward Bounders by Diana Wynne Jones. It was a book she found once at a library but never saw again and, having forgot the title, began think that she dreamed it rather than read it. Rediscover the book in “Walking the bounds”

Jill Kolongowski has been making life decisions lately, which has had her under a lot of stress, but happily she’s found that she’s not a stress eater. Find out what and how she eats when the pressure’s on in “On eating your feelings”

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